Equipment Physical Damage - EPD

EPD is an all risk policy written to cover agricultural, construction, lawn and commercial equipment vehicles. EPD is offered as a voluntary point-of-purchase program designed to be an easy way to protect financed equipment purchases. It protects both lenders and consumers against the risk of physical damage or theft of their financed purchase. It can be offered for the term of the loan or on an annual basis.

What does EPD cover?
  • Physical Damage – losses from theft or physical damage to agricultural and commercial equipment.
  • Coverage Limits – EPD offers coverage on an Actual Cash Value basis to repair or replace damaged equipment.
  • Coverage Terms – Coverage can be written for the term of the loan if the equipment is financed for a maximum of 84 months and up to $100,000 in purchase price.

EPD is available for lawn mowers, small tractors, small construction equipment and utility vehicles.

EPD Programs

Term of loan – Provides coverage for the term of the financing agreement up to 84 months.

Annual – Provides coverage for a 12-month period and can be renewed at the end of each coverage period.

Flexible rates, deductibles and replacement coverages are available.